Power Efficiency

Enabling wearables

With more than 95% of wearables running on Arm, we are the architecture of choice for innovators bringing the coolest devices to market.


Beyond the wrist

Embedding Arm connected intelligence in the fashion of our lives will enable new wearable form factors.

Always Aware

Continuous contextual awareness

Continuously processing multiple sensor feeds empowers wearables' contextual awareness.


Building trusted wearables

The data that wearables collect is highly personal, and Arm’s TrustZone is the basis for securing your wearable data.

Arm Efficiency Is Enabling Wearables

Enabling Wearables
Leveraging Arm's power-efficient IP

Wearables innovation starts with Arm, and the fast-paced wearables market has been quick to leverage Arm’s low-power IP to enable the wearable technology revolution.

Arm industry-leading processor IP and other key building blocks enable a spectrum of devices.

There are countless innovative Arm-based wearable devices on the market, from innovators ranging from tier-1 OEMs to emerging technology start-ups.

The fast time-to-market these innovators enjoy is enabled by the combined breadth of SoCs and software from partners across the vibrant Arm ecosystem.

With over 95% of wearable devices running on Arm today, only Arm and its partners can address the scope and pace of innovation this market demands.

Wearables Innovation

Connected intelligence is the fashion of our lives

By bringing down the barriers between technology and fashion we can expect to see compelling new devices that integrate seamlessly in our lives.

Bringing “invisibles” to the wearables space is all about miniaturization of the technology and embedding it in everyday items such as clothing and shoes.

Beyond the wrist, Arm is enabling a new raft of form factors and use cases that promise to transform the lives of millions of people.

Always On, Always Aware

Demand Always On Always Aware
Sensor hub brings continuous contextual awareness

Constantly monitoring sensors require long battery life.

Arm Cortex-M based processors are at the heart of the sensor hub in wearables, delivering advanced signal-processing capabilities.

The Cortex-M ecosystem creates the worlds most advanced sensor processing algorithms, spawning new and compelling use cases.

The ability to sense, fuse, interpret and securely share data is fundamental to the wearable experience.

Trust and Security for Wearables

Trust and Security for Wearables
Leveraging Arm's TrustZone technology

Security and trust are vitally important for wearables because they will control physical access to people’s home, office and cars.

Because the data that wearables collect is personal, it must be protected.

But how do we assign trust? Arm’s TrustZone technology provides the root of trust that enables the trust ecosystem.


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