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Actually, all options were correct answers. Because the next wave of secure, autonomous, intelligent experiences will be based in reality, personalized for users and present a huge opportunity for OEMs and SIPs.


Perhaps you feel it’s an irrelevant trend to your product roadmap? Well, every device can provide ambient computing and intelligence to make tailored ambient experiences possible in our everyday lives.
 Ambient computing, also known as pervasive computing or ubiquitous computing brings together services, data and endpoint intelligence with learned behaviour to enable the real-world ambient experiences of tomorrow.

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Future Use Cases

The initial wave of ambient experiences are most likely to be an evolution of the smart home experience, moving beyond manual routines to automated experiences based on personalized insights. However, the potential for these experiences is limitless and holds the promise of making the world safer, more inclusive, and more enjoyable for everyone.


Why Arm?

Arm has the largest computational footprint on the planet, and the pervasiveness and scalable performance of the Arm architecture can help fundamentally reinvent the way consumers engage with technology. Arm has everything required for an ‘ambient-experiences-ready’ platform, giving OEMs, ODMs and SIPs a step ahead of the curve. This trusted hardware foundation, paired with fast-evolving software will be crucial for delivering increasing user value and new experiences.


Ambient experiences can help improve the quality of lives for those living with health conditions:

  • Smart care systems detect movement and health issues in hospitals and care homes.
  • Headsets and hearing aids help improve the lives of those with hearing or memory loss.

Evolution of Smart Cities and Transport

Ambient experiences will help change the smart city experience from relatively “dumb sensors” to more of a tailored experience:

  • Increased functionality for commuters.
  • Moving beyond surveillance to adding tangible value.

Smarter and More Inclusive Workplaces

Ambient intelligence can give us information for pre-configured preferences to ensure workplaces are adapted to be inclusive. This technology could be used by all, rather than just those with disabilities, which would ramp adoption for those in need.

Smarter Homes

Ambient can move us beyond conditional reasoning to automatic and ambient logic. Changing environments would help us live more sustainably, and build better home security functionality and multimedia experiences to keep us safe and entertained.

Digital Cockpits

Ambient experiences in the car will boost the journey of the software-defined vehicle, reaching beyond traditional systems to deliver personalized experiences: e.g. temperature preferences, navigation, ride suspension.

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Be Ambient-Ready

Get the lowdown on future ambient computing use cases and benefit from simple considerations you can build into your product roadmap today to ensure your platform is ready to capitalise on this burgeoning trend.

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Ambient City

Ambient experiences have the potential to change many aspects of our daily lives, click on the image to see how: