Driving Rapid, Exponential IoT Growth with Arm-based Microcontrollers

To deliver sustainable services at scale and address challenges of fragmentation and diversity across the complete Internet of Things (IoT) continuum, Arm and our partners are collaborating to establish industry initiatives to rapidly accelerate IoT development and deployment from endpoints to the cloud.

Project Centauri brings together Arm’s existing, complementary software initiatives under a single microcontroller (MCU) software strategy. It is designed to solve common industry problems, reduce barriers to deployment and enable scale across the Arm Cortex-M ecosystem, in a similar way to Project Cassini which addresses needs for a secure Arm Cortex-A based edge ecosystem.

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Lightening the Load on Firmware Updates

Through Project Centauri, Arm and partners have taken the first step in addressing a long-standing challenge for IoT developers in ensuring secure software updatability. We’re announcing the availability of the new PSA Certified Firmware Update API, providing a faster and easier approach to firmware updates via a secure standard. You can find out more about the software and some useful examples by viewing our recent talk on secure IoT updates.

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Introducing Project Centauri

Project Centauri will define foundational standards to ensure IoT applications can be portable across virtual and physical MCU hardware. It will use secure firmware updates from different cloud service provider (CSP) stacks to demonstrate this capability. Arm is working with the ecosystem in the open to ensure that the standards are delivered by silicon partners in their SDKs, used by CSPs in their IoT clients, and is available to ODM and OEMs to use.

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Arm Tech Talks 

This series of talks brings you best practices and the latest trends and technologies from across the Arm ecosystem.
Covering the latest cutting-edge research, real-world use cases, code examples, workshops,
and demos for initiatives including Project Centauri.

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