Accelerate Smart Vision Innovation with Effective Partnerships

Vision will power a new wave of growth for the IoT, driven by increased compute capabilities and heterogenous systems that bring new levels of performance and efficiency.

Smart Vision Partners

Arm is leading the next wave of edge intelligence in the smart vision market, speeding time to market, enabling deployment at scale, and bringing together lead partners for ease of integration and connectivity.

The Arm Smart Vision Partner Initiative brings together hardware, software, and integration partners to help designers and developers accelerate production-ready vision devices for the China market on the Arm Smart Vision Configuration Kit.

Through collaboration with ecosystem partners that offer optimized products with enhanced developer experiences, companies can accelerate time to market.

Arm Smart Vision Lead Partners 

The Arm Smart Vision Partner Initiative brings together experts from the Arm ecosystem who deliver innovative and intelligent solutions for vision-enabled devices.

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If you have a unique solution that can help the ecosystem accelerate the development of vision-based solutions, contact us.

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