5G Ready

Intelligent flexible cloud

5G is driving aggressive goals for latency and throughput. The underlying infrastructure will require right-sized compute with common, scalable architecture elements and distributed intelligence from network core to edge to access in order to deliver on performance objectives.

Efficient Data Center

One size does not fit all

Mobile, IoT, Cloud and 5G are the drivers for growth and transformation of the data center. Data centers need energy-efficient platforms optimized for improved performance of a variety of different workloads and that can be deployed and managed as cost effectively as possible.


Open standards for open source

The Arm community is fueling an innovative software and systems ecosystem that delivers the flexibility, scalability and efficiency needed for infrastructure. Our solutions address the data center, core, edge, access and on-premise equipment while increasing security and data integration.

Arm in HPC

Tracking toward exascale

The worldwide push for exascale computing is driving aggressive targets for performance and energy-efficiency. Arm is collaborating with strategic supercomputer sites and partners around the globe to deliver cutting edge enhancements, processor IP upgrades, and a robust HPC software ecosystem.

5G Requirements Drive an Architectural Shift

5G Requirements
An intelligent flexible cloud delivers for the 5G infrastructure

The transition from 4G to 5G will pose challenges for infrastructure. With targeted latency reductions up to 50x, targeted throughput increases up to 100x and targeted increases in the number of connections up to 100x, the underlying architecture must transform. Network nodes have fixed constraints such as power limits, space and form factor limits and the real-time processing power needed to handle events driven by IoT and other emerging applications.

To balance these competing requirements, the infrastructure will require architecturally compatible solutions optimized for different workloads. The Arm ecosystem delivers a range of solutions, from optimized silicon to flexible systems, that scale from core to edge to access.

Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation
Scalable, portable, optimized platforms

A data center today may need to deliver services to millions, if not billions, of end-users. 

So data center platforms must offer higher performance, greater compute density, and the ability to scale better in response to elastic demand — all while being optimized to serve their users’ particular business needs.

That’s why data centers seek value in hardware that is energy-efficient, optimized for improved performance under a variety of workloads, and can be deployed and managed with maximum efficiency.

Arm IP empowers a broad and varied range of SoC-based solutions that leverage a common software ecosystem to deliver compelling compute density, flexibility and efficiency versus legacy architectures.

Broad Ecosystem for Infrastructure

Board Ecosystem
Based on common software and standards

The Arm ecosystem is driving innovation and choice for infrastructure from data center to network core to edge to access. AIDC is a global directory of solution providers delivering Arm-based infrastructure building blocks and reference solutions. Our community drives open source Linux organizations like Linaro and the Linux foundation, and communities like Open Platform for NFV.

Major Linux distributions like RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu are available on Arm. Key middleware pieces like Java and container technologies like Docker are being deployed on Arm-based solutions. Arm's innovative approach to standardization has led to the development of API's like Open Data Plane (ODP) for rapid porting of virtualized network functions (VNFs) on a variety of platforms to deliver much needed hardware acceleration.

Co-Designing the Journey to Exascale Efficiently

Code Signing the Journey
An innovative approach to breaking the exascale barrier

Applications like machine learning and scientific computing are demanding orders-of-magnitude improvements in capacity, capability and efficiency to achieve exascale computing for next generation deployments. To address this challenge Arm is taking a co-design approach with ecosystem partners — from silicon to system design to application development.

Our collaboration has included industry leaders like Cray on the Department of Energy’s Fast Forward Program and Fujitsu on the Riken Institute’s Post K-Supercomputer. These organizations choose Arm's High Performance Computing (HPC) tools to exploit scalable and intricate models and simulations for faster progress in research, prediction, product design and problem solving.


Seizing the Opportunities

Improving performance and ROI with an Arm based uCPE platform

Today’s telecoms market is changing fast, forcing providers to jump start innovation and get services to market faster.

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