What Is Digital Immersion?

Digital immersion refers to the merger of the physical world with the digital world of data. It comes in three main forms. The first involves technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and extended reality (XR), all of which create an altered or enhanced environment. A second, less extreme form of digital immersion is enabled by IoT devices that allow occupants to live and work inside environments modified to automatically respond to the data they collect. When a person enters a room, the lights turn on and the temperature adjusts. Finally, mobile devices like smart phones and tablets enable a form of digital immersion in which gaming and other applications immerse people in their devices.

Why Is Digital Immersion Important?

The various forms of digital immersion can improve everyday life through more engaging, interesting, and satisfying experiences. For organizations, providing customers with an immersive experience is a competitive advantage. Studies have shown that companies that prioritize experiences over product features have a 200% higher Net Promoter Score and up to 25% higher customer loyalty ratings. Successful organizations have always prioritized the user experience, but digital immersion redefines the user experience and elevates both convenience and productivity.

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