What Is AI in Manufacturing?

There are many applications for AI in manufacturing as industrial IoT and smart factories generate large amounts of data daily. AI in manufacturing is the use of machine learning (ML) solutions and deep learning neural networks to optimize manufacturing processes with improved data analysis and decision-making.

A commonly cited AI use case in manufacturing is predictive maintenance. By applying AI to manufacturing data, companies can better predict and prevent machine failure. This in turn reduces expensive downtime in manufacturing processes. AI in manufacturing has many other potential uses and benefits, such as improved demand forecasting and reduced waste of raw materials. AI and manufacturing have a natural relationship since industrial manufacturing settings already require people and machines to work closely together.

Why Does AI in Manufacturing Matter?

AI is crucial to the concept of “Industry 4.0,” the trend toward greater automation in manufacturing settings, and the massive generation and transmission of data in manufacturing settings. AI and ML are essential ways to ensure that organizations can unlock the value in the enormous amounts of data created by manufacturing machines. Using AI to apply this data to manufacturing process optimization can lead to cost savings, safety improvements, supply-chain efficiencies, and a host of other benefits.

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