Arm and Microsoft: Building the Future of AI

From Cloud to PCs, Arm is the World’s Leading AI Compute Platform for Developers

Arm is coming to Microsoft Build so that you can experience first-hand how the collaboration between Microsoft, Arm, and our industry-leading software ecosystem is empowering developers to run a wide variety of AI workloads in the Arm-based Azure cloud, and on the latest generation of Arm-based AI PCs.

Arm at Microsoft Build 2024

Leading Software Ecosystem to Run AI Workloads Best on Arm

The pervasiveness of the Arm architecture, from cloud to PCs, helps accelerate time to market for developers, while offering next-gen performance with industry-leading energy and cost efficiency. Developers can seamlessly build, run, and scale workloads in the cloud and then efficiently deploy them on Arm-based AI PCs.


Leading application vendors are now delivering native Arm builds of Windows applications, and a comprehensive selection of Arm-native tools is now available to deliver a seamless, accelerated developer experience. This is supported by a vibrant open-source community, enabled by Arm’s long-standing partnership with Linaro, that continues to innovate at a rapid scale.

See Us at Microsoft Build

Visit Arm at Microsoft Build where you can learn more about our collaborations with Microsoft and Linaro, our commitment to Windows app and cloud developers, and how we are building the future of AI computing from cloud to edge.


You will also learn about:

How Arm and Microsoft deliver more performance and efficiency for Windows apps

How Arm and Microsoft deliver more performance and efficiency for Windows apps.

How companies are transitioning to faster native Arm builds

How companies are transitioning to faster native Arm builds.

How to develop applications

How to develop applications on Arm-based AI PCs and deploy on highly performant Arm-based VMs in the Azure cloud.

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