Delivering Measurable Healthcare Benefits for All

Arm technology, financial support, and people are having a transformative effect on the healthcare of the world’s most vulnerable populations. We see that in Simprints, a non-profit tech startup linking people to their health records via a low-cost, highly accurate mobile scanner that runs open source identification algorithms optimized for scarred, worn, and burned fingerprints.

Or consider Khushi Baby, a necklace that helps ensure children receive their correct immunizations. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to sync a child’s immunization data stored on the necklace with a smartphone and the cloud.

And then there’s Literacy Bridge, a charitable organization that uses talking books to help those in extreme poverty gain the health and agricultural knowledge they need to reduce maternal and child mortality, hunger, and chronic malnutrition.

Children for Health, another non-profit, also teaches families about healthcare. It uses digital media, storytelling and other content to reach children in a relevant, fun, and compelling way so they stand a better chance against malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases.

Arm’s Role

Arm invests in projects that have the potential to scale for sustainable, long-term impacts.

Take Simprints. Here our engineers helped build the biometric scanner and open source software. Khushi Baby, the digital necklace, was one of the winners of the Wearable for Good Challenge, a joint initiative of Arm, UNICEF, and Frog, a global design and strategy firm. The challenge was to design a wearable device that offers a cost effective, efficient, and sustainable solution to pressing maternal or child health problems. Winning teams (out of 250 design submissions from 65 countries) received a $15,000 grant and a structured incubation process with industry partners.

Literacy Bridge also resulted from an Arm industry partnership, this one with UNICEF and the Ghana Ministry of Health and Agriculture, with Arm serving as both a financial and technical contributor. As a Children for Health’s seed donor, Arm also supports development of that organization’s stories, posters, and its mobile site in Ebola affected communities — in addition to helping Children for Health connect with other global partners.