Making Everyday Life Safer, Healthier, and More Efficient

We are developing smart technology for safer, more sustainable cities and homes, and mobile technology that better connects people. Also, we are working to improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world through wearable technology, biometrics and advanced sensors. 

Collaborating with a host of partners including UNICEF and the World Health Organization, we are scaling up proven technologies to transform lives. And to better equip the next generation of change-makers with important technical skills, we are bringing purpose-driven STEM education to students so they can build solutions to improve life for people everywhere.

Improving Lives

Since 2015, Arm has partnered with UNICEF to accelerate the development of new technologies to help the most vulnerable children across the world and meet the Global Goals.


Throughout the partnership, UNICEF and Arm have examined the intersection of business opportunity and the social value of technologies in emerging markets and their potential to promote development. We’ve helped emerging social innovations achieve scale and supported 35 million children and families since the beginning of our partnership. Find out more about the impact we have had since then in our Partnership Impact Report.

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Leaving No One Behind

We also support social innovations to scale, as we believe technology must be designed for people living without basic education and essential services. Simprints is an example of this kind of work.


Around 1 billion people in the world have no formal proof of identity, denying them access to essential services such as education, finance and healthcare. Using fingerprints as a form of identification, Simprints devised a bSimiometric solution that creates a unique ID for each person. The solution uses their own robust, ergonomic mobile fingerprint scanner – powered by an Arm Cortex-M processor.


We have supported Simprints since its inception in 2012.

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Do your :bit - micro:bit Global Challenge

By combining the resources of micro:bit and the World’s Largest Lesson we aim to reach six million children across the globe, and run a campaign to inspire young people to solve real world problems in health and the environment, and help develop 21st century skills through the Do Your :bit digital challenge for the Global Goals.

STEM Education

Arm is acutely focused on solving the shortage of young people, especially women, pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), a problem that persists despite STEM’s proven success as a path to upward economic mobility. 

Furthermore, our approach to education goes beyond developing the technical skills associated with these subjects and addresses the softer skills that are critical for individuals to succeed in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, such as creativity, resilience, teamwork, agility and communication.

Arm Education comprises the Arm University Program, Arm Education Media, and the Arm School Program. Each program works with academic, education and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development through computing and STEM Education. By drawing on Arm’s technological expertise, innovation and ecosystem, we leverage our extensive partner network to offer resources that accelerate learning through market-leading education materials and technologies.

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