Zero Hunger: Propagating Skills


Around 2 billion people worldwide – just over 25 per cent of the population – rely on subsistence farming to feed themselves and their families. Life can be hard, food security is low, and poverty and malnutrition are rife.

Information about farming techniques could help these farmers increase their yields or produce healthier livestock. But for those living in remote, rural communities, multiple barriers — including low literacy, lack of infrastructure, lack of electricity, lack of mass media, and social or cultural gender norms and biases — can make accessing that information almost impossible.

Images © Amplio/Francis Kokoro

Amplifying Knowledge

The Amplio Talking Book is a rugged audio device designed for information sharing in remote, off-grid, low-literacy environments. Powered by Arm Cortex-M4, the unit uses mains power or batteries to deliver local-language content targeting knowledge, attitudes and practices. No internet connectivity is required.


Typically used by governments and development organizations, the Talking Book gives access to information on topics such as sustainable agriculture, maternal health, child protection, financial literacy, hygiene and sanitation, and malaria prevention. Content – ranging from educational songs and interviews to dramas and peer/influencer endorsement – can be refreshed regularly.

Learning Together

An integrated loudspeaker enables families to listen and learn together; listeners can play messages on demand and record feedback using the integrated microphone. This feedback, along with usage data, allows organisations to monitor program engagement, identify issues and trends, and continually refine their content for greater impact.


The Talking Book is used in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda by organizations including UNICEF, CARE, and USAID.


Arm has supported Amplio since 2014.

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