Milestones for All Aspects of Quality Throughout the Product Lifecycle

As part of our commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience throughout the product lifecycle, Arm focuses on product reliability, performance criteria, feature requirements, durability and serviceability, ease of integration, and more.


At each stage of development, Arm uses stringent milestones designed to put quality at the root of all we do. Essential reliability criteria in each of these milestones are based on standard guidelines and industry best practices, and each milestone must be met before moving onto the next stage of development.

Quality Focus at Every Stage


Strategies for verification, validation, integration testing, and more are formed alongside design concept to address challenges, consider new methodologies, and align with best practices.


Detailed verification plans are developed for the entire design and each major part. These plans include functional safety and security.


Formal testbenches and comprehensive simulation testbenches are used to verify and test each part of the design. Additional measures include bug hunting, coverage analysis, architecture compliance, test software, CDC checks, and power-aware simulation.


Experienced engineers continue to test for new and unexpected challenges.

Engineering Excellence in Action

In addition to strict quality measures throughout the product lifecycle, Arm engineers choose to work with the latest industry best practices and methods for product development that best suit delivery context.

Arm Quality in Action: Advanced Verification Techniques

Efficient Bug Discovery with ML for Hardware Verification

Testing every aspect of a highly complex design with present-day microprocessors can be highly complex and time consuming. To work around this challenge, Arm engineers are using random-constraint testing, a hybrid approach of manual control and randomization.