Using the Iridix™ Trademark

Please use the above trademark in accordance with the Arm trademark use guidelines. In addition, please follow the Arm branding guidelines if you hold a valid trademark licence from Arm.


Approved nouns:

high dynamic range (HDR) management
local tone mapping engine

Use format:

Arm® Iridix [approved noun] and/or [approved noun]

e.g., Arm® Iridix 8 HDR
Arm® Iridix local tone mapping engine


You do not always have to use an approved noun after the Iridix trademark if it is followed by a product name.
Always use the Iridix trademark preceded by the Arm trademark in its first use, i.e. Arm® Iridix™. You do not have to use the Arm trademark in each subsequent use of the Iridix trademark.


Arm and Iridix are registered trademarks or trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries or affiliates) in the US and/or elsewhere.

Use examples for Iridix trademark


Correct use

Incorrect use



Arm® Iridix interface

"interface" is not an approved noun.


Arm® Iridix local tone mapping engine Arm® IRIDIX local tone mapping engine
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