Using the DynamIQ™ Trademark

Please use the above trademark in accordance with the Arm trademark use guidelines. In addition, please follow the Arm branding guidelines if you hold a valid trademark licence from Arm.


Approved nouns:


Use format:

Arm® DynamIQ [approved noun]

e.g., "Introducing Arm® DynamIQ technology" or "Incorporating an Arm® DynamIQ design"

Arm® DynamIQ-based [approved third party noun]

e.g., Arm® DynamIQ-based smartphone

Arm® Cortex®-[product name], based on Arm DynamIQ [approved noun]

e.g., "Arm® Cortex®-A57, based on Arm DynamIQtechnology"

As an adjective describing an approved noun

e.g., "A single Arm® DynamIQ cluster"

Arm® DynamIQ big.LITTLE [approved noun]

e.g., "in a single Arm® DynamIQ big.LITTLE cluster"

Always use the DynamIQ trademark preceded by the Arm trademark in its first use, i.e. Arm® DynamIQ. You do not have to use the Arm trademark in each subsequent use of the DynamIQ trademark.


Arm and DynamIQ a are registered trademarks or trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries or affiliates) in the US and/or elsewhere.

Use examples for DynamIQ trademark


Correct use

Incorrect use


Arm® DynamIQ technology

Arm® DynamIQ processor/chip/core/solution/architecture
Arm® DYNAMIQ processor/chip/core/solution/architecture
Arm® dynamIQ processor/chip/core/solution/architecture
Arm® dynamic processor/chip/core/solution/architecture
Arm® Dynamiq processor/chip/core/solution/architecture


when in body of text or title

Arm® DynamIQ design
Arm® DynamIQ cluster
Arm® DynamIQ configuration
Arm® DynamIQ microarchitecture
Arm® DynamIQ-based microarchitecture
Arm® Cortex®-Axx, based on DynamIQ [approved noun]

when in body of text or title

Arm® DynamIQ smartphone
Arm® DynamIQ octa-core
Arm® DynamIQ-based octa-core/hexa-core/quad-core/dual-core
Arm® DynamIQ-based 1+7 processor
No explicit numerical processor configuration call out
Arm® DynamIQ-based 4MB processor
No call out of any memory size


3.0GHz Arm® DynamIQ-based processor
Octa-core 3.0GHz Arm® DynamIQ-based processor

Arm® Cortex®-Axx 3.0GHz DynamIQ based processor

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