Huaxintong Semiconductor licenses ARMv8-A architecture

July 12, 2016

Shanghai, China – July 12, 2016 – Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology Co., ltd of China has licensed ARM®v8-A architecture to accelerate advanced server chipset technologies in the rapidly expanding Chinese server market, the second largest data center market in the world. The multiyear license will enable Chinese companies to deliver ARM-based server technologies in their home market, enabling large scale deployment of the most efficient server solutions available.

Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology is a joint venture between China's Guizhou province and a subsidiary of Qualcomm. The venture is registered in Guizhou province, the first region to build an industrial cluster for big data development in China. The area is already home to a data center cluster of more than 2.5 million servers for companies including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

"China is facing a mountain of data flowing through its data centers and finding solutions that are cost effective and efficient is a key priority," said Pete Hutton, executive vice president and president of products groups, ARM. "Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology is creating a blueprint for new server systems and engaging with them is opening up exciting new opportunities for ARM-based servers. This is a chance to reinvent the economics and performance of hyperscale data centers and enables China to architect its own server chips based on ARM technologies for its domestic market and for the rest of the world."

"Huaxintong Semiconductor sees the opportunity to deliver hardware designs and solutions that are better optimized for emerging server applications than legacy server platforms," said Ouyang Wu, chairman of Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology. "Licensing the ARMv8-A architecture allows us to develop server chips that are more focused on addressing the needs of the Chinese market and cloud computing servers providing internet infrastructure."

Dr.Kai Wang, CEO of Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology added: "The new ARM architecture is ideal for internet services and big data processing in the data center. With the chips featuring the ARMv8-A architecture, Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology will play an important role in the Chinese chip market."

Trusting in its in-depth insight and its unique understanding of the domestic server chip industry, Huaxintong Semiconductor has business opportunities in the big data and cloud computing industries and fully utilizes the geographic advantages of Guiyang as a 'data center in China.' Full of confidence in its potential, Huaxintong Semiconductor will accelerate building the server ecosystem to promote the core competitiveness of China's cloud computing and data center industries.

ARM-based server technology

The increasing ubiquity of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and looming 5G network rollouts are just some of the trends driving the growth and transformation of the server market. Increasingly, software is becoming hardware agnostic and suited for multicore scale out architectures. The ARM software ecosystem is also expanding beyond the currently available open source and mainstream server software, building the business case for more energy-efficient hardware optimized for improved performance across a variety of workloads.

Combined with efficient deployment and lifecycle manageability, ARM-based servers are now being deployed as an alternative to traditional infrastructures, offering total cost of ownership advantages.



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As a joint venture formed by Guizhou Province and a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc., Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Gui'an New Area, Guizhou and has set up its operating agency in Beijing. Huaxintong Semiconductor focuses on the design, development and sale of advanced server chipsets for sale in China. The establishment of Huaxintong Semiconductor is helpful in advancing China's integrated circuit development, improving the development and design capacities of China's chipset industry, and stepping up and realizing China's "Strong Chip Dream."

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