ARM Showcases the World’s No. 1 Embedded Ecosystem at EW 2016

February 08, 2016

What: At the upcoming Embedded World exhibition and conference ARM will showcase a selection of highly-scalable ARM® processors and tools, along with updates on the latest ARM Cortex® based innovations for the world's No. 1 embedded ecosystem. This will include the first public previews of the new ARM mbed™ Smart City Reference Design.

Where: Hall 5, Stand 338, Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany

When: Feb. 23-25, 2016

Who: A number of ARM experts are available throughout the show to deliver demos, comment on breaking news and brief the media and analysts on ARM technology. This will include the new ARMv8-M architecture that extends ARM TrustZone® technology to microcontrollers and which has been shortlisted for an embedded AWARD (hardware category).

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Showcasing ARM IoT Leadership

  • The largest and most diverse display of ARM-based single board computers ever assembled.
  • A demonstration that shares live data with the ARM booth at Mobile World Congress. Each booth will present data on temperature, sound levels, and booth traffic captured by mbed OS-powered sensor nodes and aggregated by the mbed Device Connector service.
  • The new mbed Smart City Reference Design, featuring low-power wireless IP-mesh networking in the Sub-GHz frequency band, already in an initial application use with one of Europe's leading construction firms. Additionally, solution providers from the mbed partnership will be on hand to provide insights on the latest Smart City open standards and interoperability requirements.

ARM Expands Leading Software Development Tools

ARM will unveil the latest version of the industry-standard ARM Keil® MDK, the most comprehensive developer tool suite for Cortex microcontrollers.

MDK Version 5.20 expands software development solution with:

  • Compiler, debugger, fixed virtual model, and CMSIS for the ARMv8-M architecture.
  • Development support for 32-bit Cortex-A processor-based catalogue devices.
  • Connectivity for IoT utilizing mbed software components.
  • ARM Compiler version 6 with C language support for C++11/C++14.

More information on MDK Version 5.20 can be found here.

Accelerating IoT Innovation

ARM will demonstrate test chips representative of Cortex-M processor-based SoC designs where various ARM IP blocks can be quickly and efficiently assembled to produce differentiated and robust working silicon with limited engineering resources.

The comprehensive test chip includes:

  • Power-efficient ARM Cordio® Radio IP supporting Bluetooth Smart standards (including Bluetooth 4.2 Packet Length extensions and 2 Mbps mode.)
  • IoT subsystem for Cortex-M processors pre-integrated with mbed OS to jumpstart integration and SoC design.
  • Compatibility with the broad range of software for Cortex-M processors and mbed ecosystem

To further accelerate IoT and embedded SoC designs, ARM will provide tutorials on the new ARM DesignStart portal which offers free access to Cortex-M0 processor IP for design, simulation and prototyping.

Autonomous Driving: Functional Safety First

Autonomous driving will require more compute power and additional safety functionality. Embedded World attendees can get the latest updates from ARM on functional safety packages across ARM Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M processors. Ahead of Embedded World, read the recently published whitepaper from research firm TECHnalysis on the path to autonomous driving and its implications for the ARM ecosystem.

About ARM:

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