Chinese Game Developer Perfect World Licenses ARM Enlighten Global Illumination

December 02, 2015

Cambridge, UK, Dec. 02, 2015 – Geomerics, an ARM company, today announced that leading Chinese gaming company Perfect World has licensed Enlighten™, the advanced global illumination technology, to deliver richer graphics in its highly anticipated mobile titles.

Perfect World, the developer of the top-selling Perfect World and Legend of Martial Arts franchises, is one of China's leading mobile game developers. Licensing Enlighten's advanced lighting technology will help Perfect World meet the demand from China's 400 million gamers for increasingly realistic computer graphics. In addition, its real-time lighting workflow will enable Perfect World's designers to tailor games' artwork efficiently and deliver the finished product to market faster.

"Enlighten is redefining the way computer game lighting is delivered to the screen and sets a new standard for global illumination," said Ming Cui, vice president of technology, Perfect World. "Using Enlighten in our mobile gaming portfolio delivers the highest quality graphics and assures our customers that we are investing in technology that can give us unique advantages over our competition."

There are 900 million smartphone users in China with the ability to access games on the move. To keep up with demand, more than 100 new titles are being delivered on a daily basis. ARM's collaborative ecosystem has deep foundations in this market and has already supported Perfect World in optimizing their proprietary 3D mobile game engine, ECHO-es, for ARM® Mali™ GPU based devices.

"China's game development market is incredibly vibrant and has an audience that is hungry for the highest quality titles that take advantage of the latest technologies," said Chris Porthouse, vice president of gaming middleware, ARM. "Enlighten is already used by developers of the global best-selling titles Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Lords of the Fallen. Perfect World will be the first Chinese developer to innovate with this enriching technology."


Phil Hughes
Director of tech PR, ARM
+1 512-694-7382

About Enlighten

Enlighten is the industry's most advanced dynamic lighting technology, delivering real-time global illumination across all gaming platforms. It has helped define the look of some of the most iconic titles in gaming including Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Lords of the Fallen.

Its lightweight technology scales between mobile, console, desktop and virtual reality (VR) platforms and is optimized to extract maximum performance from the hardware, making Enlighten the industry standard for game lighting. This complete solution enables fully dynamic lighting, the baking out of static light maps or any combination of the two. Enlighten is the technology of choice of the world's most successful game studios; it is built into Unity 5 and available as part of the Unreal Engine Integrated Partners Program or as a standalone SDK.

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