MEDIA ALERT: ARM Showcases Next-Generation Mobile Technology at Mobile World Congress 2013

February 19, 2013

25th – 28th February 2013, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain.  

ARM stand at Mobile World Congress, Hall 6, Stand 6A31.  

With analysts predicting that over 1 billion smartphones will ship in 2013, how can scale, diversity and differentiation be achieved in the market?                          

At MWC ARM will show how low power and high performance CPUs and GPUs are central to the continued innovation of mobile devices and key to improving user experiences. Technology leadership from the ARM ecosystem is helping to shape the mobile society; at MWC it will be present in everything from the latest smartphones and tablets to the trusted security systems and infrastructure networks supporting them.   

ARM Demos at MWC include:  

  • big.LITTLE™ processing: Console quality gaming on a phone; music play-back  lasting for days not hours  and mobile browsers that load instantaneously - these are some examples of the features big.LITTLE enables. ARM’s big.LITTLE demonstration showcases a test platform made up of two Cortex™-A15 processors and three Cortex-A7 processors on a single piece of silicon, effectively a big.LITTLE configured Android mobile device. The demo device is hooked up to a visualization showing what each core is doing in real-time. For example, as the ‘device’ plays an MP3 track it uses a Cortex-A7, and when a web browser is opened a Cortex-A15 instantly fires up to handle the increased workload.        
  • Mobile desktop: The mobile desktop demonstrates an emerging use-case ARM is seeing for the big.LITTLE platform. This demo employs a Samsung Galaxy Note II, combined with a standard dock, monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, to create a desktop environment running on a mobile device. The Galaxy Note II becomes the main computing device, replacing a laptop or desktop PC, and allowing the user to browse the web or access email. The demo shows what is possible with mobile technology available today; future big.LITTLE based devices will provide even greater performance. ARM believes this use-case will continue to emerge, as mobile computing becomes the only platform needed by business and consumer users. A real-world example of a mobile desktop is being shown on Canonical’s stand at MWC, Hall 8.1 Stand 81D30, Ubuntu for Android.  
  • ARM Mali™ and GPU Compute: Mali devices including the latest GPU Compute technology and applications will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress. GPU Compute mirrors ARM’s big.LITTLE approach, using the right processor for the right task. GPU Compute permits the GPU to perform certain tasks more efficiently than processing on a CPU. Applications including facial detection and image editing on a mobile device use less power when processed using GPU Compute, while also providing faster and better performance. All GPU Compute demonstrations at MWC are of real mobile products, not development or prototype designs.    
  • ARM Mali and Mobile First:  The ARM stand will feature a number of devices using Mali-based graphics processors, from high-resolution 2.5k screens on Nexus 10 tablets, to the latest Google Chromebook. The high performance Mali-T604 is changing the software ecosystem. Leading game and engine developers, including Unreal and Havoc, are following a ‘mobile first’ strategy - where the latest games are developed specifically for mobile devices.  
  • ARM TrustZone®: As mobile devices continue to play a vital role in everyday life, technology is needed to securely store sensitive information on devices. ARM’s TrustZone technology addresses this need by saving private information, such as debit card numbers, PINs, or email encryption keys, on completely separate and secure hardware within the device, which is inaccessible to malware and viruses. The added security from TrustZone allows consumers to use their mobile device as a ‘mobile wallet,’ without the fear and stress associated with mobile shopping. Several companies, including Good Technology, have incorporated TrustZone into their products as a means to better secure sensitive data.  
  • Deeply embedded power control: The ARM stand will feature a demo of the Sierra Wireless Modem, which highlights how ARM technology is at the heart of connected devices and infrastructure. The modem features three cores, including ARM’s low-power Cortex-M0. The Cortex-M0 keeps the modem on standby, constantly monitoring workload and processing requirements. As soon as the workload increases, more cores and connectivity wakes up to communicate with other connected devices. This is one real-world example of ARM technology powering the infrastructure behind the Internet of Things.  
  • Why ARM in Servers?: ARM will be hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air panel session at MWC with Canonical, HP, and Red Hat discussing “Why ARM in Servers?” on Thursday February 28th. Stay tuned for more information on this event via ARM’s Google+ page and blogs.

PLUS: Something special from our manufacturing partners that showcases the future of ARM mobile chip technology...           

  • Don’t Miss: ARM Spokespeople on MWC Panels  
    • Big Data: Big Questions, Big Value? (Monday 25 February 2013, 16.00-17.30) Featuring Ian Ferguson, vice president, segment marketing, ARM.  
    • Devices: MWC Round-up and a Look to the Future (Thursday 28 February 2013, 14.30-16.00) With Ian Drew, executive vice president, marketing and business development, ARM.        

This year’s Mobile World Congress is focused on three challenges, solutions to which will be found at the ARM stand:  

    • Low cost smartphones – connecting the next billion to the Internet
    • Innovation in communications to enable the Internet of Things – smart connected cities and lives
    • Strategies for adoption of mobile services – payments, wallets, and mobile commerce.     

ARM’s team of spokespeople will be on-site at the ARM stand throughout Mobile World Congress to give first hand demos and interviews on ARM technology and breaking news at the congress. To book a meeting and demonstration session on the ARM stand, please contact or the following:


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