Meet Our Gen Arm 2Z Ambassadors

Gen Arm 2Z gives a voice to the generations of tomorrow, sharing the thoughts of kids today on technology as it’s currently used and how it can be built for their future. It also gives a platform to the inspiring young trailblazers who are already hard at work defining tomorrow’s technology.

Samaira Mehta

Meet Samaira Mehta, the 13-year-old inventor of coding board game, CoderBunnyz. She created the game to help teach coding to kids, and by the time she goes to college in 2030, she aims to help one billion young people gain access to coding tools through her One Billion Kids Can Code initiative.

Emma Yang

18-year-old developer and MIT Solver, Emma Yang is paving the way for girls who share her deep interest in STEM. With a passion for AI and machine learning, Emma drew on her personal experience with Alzheimer’s to develop an app called Timeless, which enables people with Alzheimer’s to stay connected to their families.

Avye Couloute

With a coding career that started at just seven, 14-year-old Avye’s number one goal is to create opportunities for girls in STEM and to be a visible role model for coding generations to come. Her empowerment efforts are well underway with her Girls Into Coding event, a volunteer project to provide girls with the tools and knowledge to start and continue coding. 

Josh Lowe

Josh is a 17-year-old tech innovator who believes kids should be taught to code just as they are taught to read and write. To help make that happen, he created EduBlocks, a drag-and-drop version of Python 3.

The program started out as a Saturday afternoon project back in 2016, and is now a popular tool used in more than 120 countries around the world to help students learn Python, micro:bit, CircuitPython and Raspberry Pi.

In his spare time, Josh runs a monthly code club with under-advantaged kids in his area, and is senior editor of the micro:bit community magazine, micro:mag.

Meet Our Techsperts

Meet the people helping to empower gen Z to rule the next wave of technology. 

Simon Segars


Since joining Arm in 1991, Simon has worked to transform the company into the leading architect of the most pervasive computer technology the world has ever seen, technology that you use, maybe without even knowing it, every single day. He believes in the power of technology to enhance human capability as a force for incredible good and is passionate about educating future leaders and builders to wield that power effectively. Simon knows that Gen Z will rise to do amazing things for the world. He’s an advocate for humanizing technology and addressing industry challenges now, such as security and privacy, to give the next generation the best of foundations in the technology they inherit.

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Mary Aiken

Cyberpsychologist and Scientific Advisor to Gen Arm 2Z

Mary Aiken is a world-renowned Cyberpsychologist who specializes in the impact of technology on human behavior. As an academic and strategic advisor to international government and law enforcement agencies, Mary has been published and spoken worldwide on issues relating to the intersection between humankind and technology, including its impact on the developing child, cyberbullying, behavioral manipulation online, human factors in cybersecurity, and the rights of the child in cyber contexts. Mary’s ground-breaking work inspired the CBS primetime television series CSI:Cyber. Her recent book 'The Cyber Effect' was selected by the Times of London as a 2016 book of the year.

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Gen Arm 2Z at MWC

With more than 100,000 attendees, Mobile World Congress is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, serving as the who's who and what's what for the future of digital; a place to discover, explore and experience cutting-edge tech.

In February 2019, we led the conversation on the future of technology with our Gen Arm 2Z Ambassadors. Arm CEO, Simon Segars was joined on stage by four of our inspiring Gen Z innovators for a future-focused keynote and discussion, covering everything from their generation's relationship with tech and how they see it influencing the world of tomorrow, to cyberbullying and innovation.

"The benefits (of future technology) are only going to come from the kind of unencumbered thinking that only the youth have. The encumbrance that comes from not really knowing what is impossible. It creates a new optimism about what you can do with technology." Simon Segars, CEO, Arm

Check out the video below to watch the keynote and see what our Gen Arm 2Z Ambassadors had to say about their experience with technology.