Improve Performance at Reduced Cost with Arm-Based Clouds

Now available in every major cloud, Arm-based cloud instances offer more predictable performance, better scalability, and lower cost than x86-based instances. Many organizations that switch to Arm-based clouds see a 40% improvement in price-performance for their application compared to x86-based instances. And switching to Arm is much easier than you think. Get started today with the resources available from the cloud providers below.

  • In Amazon Web Services, on workloads such as Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, and Kafka, Arm delivers up to 50% better price-performance compared to x86.1

  • In Amazon Web Services, Arm delivered a 63% price-performance improvement on a typical Aerospike customer workload compared to x86.2
  • In Google Cloud, Arm delivers 45% better price-performance on NGINX than x86.3

  • In Google Cloud, Arm delivers 70% better price-performance on Redis than x86.4
  • In Microsoft Azure cloud, Arm delivers 68% better price-performance for AI Inference than x86.5

  • In Microsoft Azure cloud, Arm delivers 43% better price-performance on Memcached than x86.6
  • In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Arm delivers 49% better price-performance on Hadoop than x86.7

  • In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Arm delivers 46% better price-performance on Apache Spark than x86.8

Arm-Based Cloud Instances from Major US Public Cloud Providers

  Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Microsoft Azure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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Free Tier T4g.small (up to 750 hours per month until Dec 31st, 2023) Tau T2A (6-month free trial until March 31, 2024) All Arm-based VMs ($200 Azure credit) Ampere A1 Compute (4 instances, 3000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month; or apply for OCI Arm accelerator)
General Purpose M7g,
Compute Optimized C7g/C7gn,
Memory Optimized R7g,
Storage Optimized Im4gn,
GPU Optimized G5g      


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