SystemReady Virtual Environment (VE)

Arm SystemReady Virtual Environment logoArm SystemReady Virtual Environment (VE) is an optional certification in the Arm SystemReady program.


SystemReady VE provides a solution for virtual environments, such as cloud instances or virtual platforms. Virtual environments that are certified with the SystemReady VE can demonstrate the same software “just works” user experience as other SystemReady bands, allowing partners to deploy OSes on these environments with confidence. SystemReady VE ensures that Arm-based virtual environments work with seamless interoperability with standard operating systems and software.


SystemReady VE is designed for the Windows, Linux, and BSD operating systems on Arm-based virtualization environments. SystemReady VE ensures standard firmware interfaces to deploy and maintain the OSs in virtual machines, reducing the cost of supporting multiple software versions. It also aims to support old operating systems to run on new virtual environments and vice versa, and targets generic off-the-shelf OSs.


SystemReady VE-compliant systems must conform to the same requirements as the corresponding SystemReady bands (SR, ES, IR, LS), depending on the virtualized hardware and firmware environment. A virtual environment may also be certified without any corresponding SystemReady band.


The SystemReady VE certification and testing requirements are specified in the Arm SystemReady Requirements Specification (SRS).

SystemReady VE Certified Systems

Note that this list does not indicate that the OS is officially supported on this device. Consult the device and OS vendors for official support.

Partners Testimonials


"Ampere is proud to see that Microsoft's Ampere Altra servers have been certified for Arm SystemReady SR, and that the Ampere-based Azure VMs are the very first SystemReady VE certified cloud instances. Ampere has been working closely with Microsoft, Arm, AMI and ODMs for this great achievement showing that the software just works"

- Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer, Ampere

Microsoft logo

"At its core, the Arm SystemReady compliance certification program preserves the investments that we and customers make in our software stacks, For Microsoft Azure, the SystemReady platform certification means we can easily move from one generation to another. For customers, the SystemReady Virtual Environment (VE) certification means that their software investments are preserved across multiple VM generations as well. Arm's SystemReady compliance program is an essential component of building an innovative and evolving server ecosystem."

- Arun Kishan, Technical Fellow and Corporate Vice President (CVP), Microsoft

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