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Learn more about AMBA and Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC).


Introduction to AMBA AXI

This guide introduces the main features of AMBA AXI. It looks at the AXI protocol, and the associated interfaces and signals.

Introduction to AMBA CHI

This guide introduces the AMBA CHI architecture. It offers an overview of the CHI protocol and explores several features in depth.

Atomic Transactions in AMBA CHI

This guide describes the atomic transactions that Arm added into the CHI-B specification.

Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC)

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, Overview

This guide provides an overview of the Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC), describing the operation of an Arm GICv3 compliant interrupt controller, and providing information about configuration for use in a bare metal environment.

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, Virtualization

This guide describes the support for virtualization in the GICv3 and GICv4 architecture. It covers the controls available to a hypervisor for generating and managing virtual interrupts.

Generic Interrupt Controller v3 and v4, LPIs

This guide introduces Locality-specific Peripheral Interrupts (LPIs), a type of interrupt introduced in GICv3/v4.


SMMU Software Guide

This guide describes the basic operation of the Arm System Memory Management Unit version 3 (SMMUv3) and use cases of the SMMUv3.