Learn the Architecture - M-profile

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Learn more about the Arm M-profile CPU architecture.

Architecture Fundamentals

Introduction to the Armv8-M Architecture and its Programmers Model User Guide

This guide introduces Armv8-M architecture and its programmers model. It also talks about how to get started with Armv8-M based systems.

Armv8-M Memory Model and Memory Protection User Guide

This guide gives an overview of the Armv8-M Memory Model and the Memory Protection Unit (MPU) implemented in Cortex-M processors. This guide also provides open-source examples in GitHub to help explain the concepts of Memory model and MPU concepts.

Armv8-M Exception Model User Guide

This guide describes the Armv8-M exception model and its features implemented in Cortex-M processors. It provides an elaborate explanation of concepts using open source example projects available in GitHub.

Helium Technology

Introduction to Helium

This guide introduces Arm Helium technology, which is the M-profile Vector Extension (MVE) for the Arm Cortex-M processor series.

Helium Programmer's Guide: Coding for Helium

This guide provides information and examples for software programmers who want to use Arm Helium technology. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches available, and examine real-world code examples to help you understand the key issues.

TrustZone for Armv8-M

TrustZone Technology Microcontroller System Hardware Design Concepts

This guide focuses on some of the design considerations when building such a system with simple examples and highlights the possible implementation and its associated components.

Cortex-M processor's IDAU Frequently Asked Questions

This article captures some of the frequently asked questions about IDAU (Implementation Defined Attribution Unit) required for Cortex-M processors with Security Extensions.

Advanced Features

Armv8.1-M Performance Monitoring User Guide

This guide describes how to use the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) as defined by the Armv8.1-M Architecture.

Armv8.1-M PACBTI Extensions User Guide

This guide gives an overview of the Armv8.1-M PACBTI extensions features including Key Management and how to use PAC and BTI features in applications.