Internet of Things (IoT)

From Sensor to Server

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of billions of end devices, from the tiniest of ultra-efficient connected end nodes or a high-performance gateway or cloud platform, intelligently connected and interoperating with servers and services. The breadth of ARM’s technology portfolio including silicon IP, tools and software IP, combined with its partnership approach and ecosystem meet the needs of rapidly-evolving, secured interconnectivity of IoT, and provides the quickest and most efficient path to deploying connected platforms and associated services. ARM remains focused on driving a unified and simplified connected world involving truly ubiquitous and intelligent IoT systems.

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IoT capabilities can be added to just about any physical object including clothing, jewelry, thermostats, medical devices, household appliances, home automation, industrial controls, even light bulbs. This trend will need cost-effective sensing technology that can last for years not hours. These sensors can gather small amounts of data over long periods of time. ARM believes “big data” analysis, used to create intelligence, begins with “little data.”

26 billion installed units by 2020

The Internet of Things is already here and in use today. The present model started with specific sensors communicating with a single specific cloud application. The future will see an Internet of Things where billions of devices are connected to each other, all sharing data securing via the Internet.

Smart and Connected

Whether you are deploying the tiniest of ultra-efficient connected end nodes or a secure high-performance gateway or cloud platform, the scalable efficiency of ARM technology enables an optimized balance between performance, cost and power, and the quickest path to market. The full vision of the IoT will become a reality when these billions of end devices can securely and intelligently connect and interoperate, and can simply and securely accessed by application developers without silos based on vertical markets, services or deployments.


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