スマート メータ

Empowering Users to Make Smarter Power Choices

The spiralling costs of residential and enterprise energy requirements are forcing public utility companies across the world to be more efficient in the way they manage power. Utility companies are starting to deploy electronic metering systems that capture and transmit usage information with the long-term goal to empower and educate users as to the real-time cost and impact of using an appliance at a particular moment in time.

最適化されたARMスマート メータのブロック図


The rollout of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will enable appliances that communicate inside the home, automatically shifting the utility supplying power to the home based on the lowest cost supplier, and enabling sophisticated user behaviour to avoid blackouts and reduce the size of utility bills.

To realize the vision of AMI infrastructure, the smart meter must:

  • Communicate with other intelligent appliances inside the residence or enterprise. The strategy for providing this communication path varies from country to country and in some cases region to region. Zigbee has gained significant adoption in early trials. However, both Wi-Fi and HomePlug offer benefits for certain deployments.
  • Communicate information securely across the network to preserve sensitive user information.
  • Incorporate enough latent horsepower to enable the delivery of future services without the need for a truck roll.


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