Accelerate Innovation Through Strategic AI Partner Alliances

On-device AI is on the rise, and much of the machine learning driving this shift to the edge happens on Arm technology. Arm’s extensive AI ecosystem simplifies AI deployment on intelligent endpoint devices by providing best-in-class tools, algorithms and applications to businesses worldwide. 

By creating and nurturing strategic alliances that empower its ecosystem to drive innovation, Arm focuses on helping its partners reach developers and decision-makers within their target markets.

Arm AI partners provide a wide range of hardware and software solutions for developers to easily prototype and produce AI devices, while Arm supports its partners through technical support and resources, co-marketing, and event opportunities.

What Partners Are Saying

"The Arm AI Partner Program has helped connect Qeexo to numerous leads and business partners, resulting in several collaborations with hardware vendors. The opportunities continue to prove to be extremely valuable to our business." 

Sang Won Lee, CEO, Qeexo

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"Our partnership with Arm and showcasing at the Arm AIoT Dev Summit have brought us wide exposure and a flood of new business opportunities for command recognition and noise-free speech systems."

Chris Rowen, CEO, Babblelabs

"Our partnership with Arm strengthens our mission to elevate automotive safety and comfort with efficient inference of computer vision AI models for in-cabin sensing."

Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO, Eyeris

Partner Benefits

The Arm AI Partner program offers access to exclusive resources that help optimize technology and grow businesses.

Go-to-Market Support

Business expansion support through co-marketing via Arm’s marketing channels, and the opportunity to exhibit at Arm-sponsored events around the world.

Technical Expertise

Valuable access to technical expertise, direct engagement with Arm engineers, and exclusive insights into roadmaps and upcoming technologies.

Collaboration Opportunities

Networking and relationship building supported by Arm, bringing specialties together to showcase proof of concepts and gain market visibility.

Program Requirements 

We’re committed to helping our partners deliver innovative and intelligent solutions to our mutual customers. To become an Arm AI partner you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a verifiable and commercially available AI application based on Arm (CPU/GPU) 
  • Be willing to share use cases and business insights with Arm
  • Sign the Arm AI Partner Program end-user license agreement

Join the AI Partner Program

Complete the application form below which asks several questions about your business and current use of Arm IP in machine learning solutions.

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Partner Resources

Arm and its extensive AI ecosystem are working together to provide optimized solutions to support your AI deployment needs.

Arm and Google: tinyML Pioneers

tinyML is a fast-growing field of machine learning (ML) technologies and applications implemented by Arm and Google to enable ultra-low power ML at the edge. See how tinyML can help solve computer vision, audio recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing challenges.


AI Ecosystem Catalog

Arm’s AI Ecosystem has a broad range of specialists to help you deliver the next generation of AI solutions. The best way to discover and connect with these AI Ecosystem Partners is through our catalog.

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Arm AI Partners represent leading global AI software and hardware providers ready to help support your next AI project.

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