Setting New Standards for Cloud Computing

Computing starts with silicon. Arm Neoverse fundamentally changes the performance equation for hyperscale data centers and cloud computing, delivering far more work on far fewer watts than conventional technologies. The results:


  • Increased thread and core densities of 30% or more in standard server racks, enabling data centers to serve more customers within the same thermal, electrical and physical constraints.
  • Lower power consumption and greater performance at the same time giving cloud providers and their customers a competitive advantage and headroom to innovate.
  • An Arm Neoverse roadmap committed to delivering 30% performance increases generation over generation.
  • A commitment to technology diversity with IP optimized for maximum performance (V-series), scale out performance (N-series) and throughput efficiency (E-series).
  • A large and growing ecosystem of hardware, software, service providers and solutions based around Arm Neoverse technology.
AWS VP and Distinguished Engineer, James Hamilton, Introduces Amazon EC2 Based on Arm Neoverse

Hear how Arm’s ubiquity in client and embedded computing, extensive developer support and compelling economic advantages led AWS to design its Graviton2 processor around the Arm architecture.

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An Ecosystem Approach

Technology thrives on teamwork. Semiconductor designers, OEMs, service providers and software developers are expanding the universe of Neoverse-based products and services to optimize the cloud and push the frontiers of what’s possible.


These partners include:


Amazon EC2 M6g, C6g, R6g, and T4g instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors provide up to 40 percent improved price performance over comparable instances on current generation traditional processors on a wide variety of workloads.


Microsoft now deploys internal, production-level servers for Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure based on the Marvell ThunderX2 server processor.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud has announced plans to use Ampere’s Altra processor for its cloud services. Oracle is customizing much of its software, including its widely used database systems, to run on Arm.

Baidu Cloud

Baidu Cloud leverages the Broadcom Stingray SmartNIC to deliver advanced cloud native applications, network functions virtualization, and distributed security.

Equinix Metal

Bare metal instances featuring the latest Neoverse-based processors from Ampere Computing and Marvell Technology to build, test and optimize software for Arm64 architecture.


Tencent is developing their GameMatrix cloud gaming platform based on Arm-based processors.

Workload-Driven Performance

Every software stack is different. Over the past decade, we’ve collaborated with software leaders like Red Hat, VMware, SuSE, Canonical and others to build a comprehensive portfolio of Arm native offerings. The effort shows in the benchmarks:

  •, a cloud optimization service, increased performance by over 20%-30% and cut costs by 20%.
  • A 54% gain on Cadence Xcelium.
  • A 43% increase on Spec JVM 2008 and a 43% uplift on memcached.


On NGINIX Plus Arm-based M6g instances outperform comparable instances based on traditional architectures by an average of 54%.

Arm Technology for Cloud Computing

Arm cloud computing technology is supported by a wide range of languages, developer tools, platforms and applications.

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News, technology advice and perspectives from partners and engineers on cloud computing at Arm.


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