Cloud to Edge Infrastructure for a Trillion Devices

As our connected world expects to reach more than a trillion devices by 2035, the current cloud-centric infrastructure model has to evolve to meet the challenge of capturing, storing, and leveraging this new device data. By distributing compute resources along the cloud-to-edge continuum to process data precisely where it’s needed, businesses can leverage new technologies across high-bandwidth networks, unlock opportunities, and improve efficiency and security.


This shift to new levels of compute at the network edge demands increased flexibility and scalability, together with broad industry collaboration. The Arm Neoverse platform meets these demands, enabling Arm partners to provide high-performance, low-power solutions for the next evolution of compute.

Datacenter Excellence at Low Total Cost of Ownership

As the number of devices increases and technologies such as AI and 5G lead to higher workload densities, performance, power efficiency, and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) are essential for fluid business operations. Arm Neoverse provides that performance and power efficiency for cloud native workloads, while helping datacenter operators lower application TCO.


Arm is actively engaged with the cloud-native software ecosystem to deliver optimized stacks so DevOps teams can port and run codes and applications on Arm-based solutions. With a rich and diverse ecosystem, Arm offers datacenter operators vendor choice and a path to deployment with unprecedented flexibility.

Ubiquitous 5G Access on Resilient Networks

Designed for all intelligent network devices, 5G allows tens of thousands of devices to access individual cells while edge devices can perform increasingly complex processing tasks. In real-time operations, networks must be able to handle all this data, while maintaining extremely low latencies.


Arm Neoverse offers flexible building blocks and solutions from a vast partner ecosystem that target the right balance of processing and acceleration for heterogeneous designs on evolving 5G networks.

Experience the New Era of Connectivity

Learn how Arm and its partners deliver complete 5G infrastructure solutions where needed – whether in the cloud, at the edge, or on the endpoint.

Ultra-Low Latency at the Infrastructure Edge

When real-time operations and decision-making are vital, for instance in autonomous vehicles and industrial IoT, distributing intelligence from the cloud to the edge can help significantly reduce backhaul to the cloud, cut latency, and improve reliability. As AI/ML models mature, and high-bandwidth, low latency 5G becomes more available, Arm Neoverse and its vast ecosystem of partners support AI across all online tiers.

To help our partners ensure value and protect IoT investments, Arm is helping to develop platform standards and reference systems that support the deployment of cloud-native software stacks for a secure infrastructure edge. Project Cassini is achieving this goal with a roadmap of contributions from Arm and its value chain.

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Ecosystem Defined by Success

From cloud to edge, the Arm infrastructure hardware and software ecosystem offers a wide range of solutions, from high-performance, scalable datacenter systems to power-efficient systems deployed at the network edge.


Together, we’re driving the development and deployment of cloud-native applications, focusing heavily on open source and standards for compatibility, ease of adoption, and flexibility in vendor choice. We offer the software, tools, technical documentation, and support required to design and build with Arm-based solutions and get to market quickly.

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Leading Performance and Efficiency for HPC

Supercomputing pushes the envelope of compute, driving cutting-edge performance and power efficiency for the world’s largest and fastest computers. Arm-based HPC deployments at scale deliver best-in-class performance, compute density, efficiency and co-design aspects for Arm’s partners to meet the demands of HPC strategic applications. Supercomputer sites such as Fugaku in Japan, which placed No.1 in the Top500 supercomputer list, depend on Arm-based optimized solutions that are both flexible and efficient.

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