Access Free IP and Teaching Materials for Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3

Arm offers free access to IP and resources for both Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 for teaching and research - backed by the world's No.1 ecosystem of SoC development tools, software, and support. Access to Cortex-M33 for software development and prototyping is also now available via AWS.

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DesignStart for University enables educational use of Arm technology through university courses, labs and student projects. Arm's research group provides technology and custom SoC support for use in academic research projects. Arm supports universities with: 

  • Teaching materials and hardware platforms  
  • Software development tools and Arm technology and IP  
  • Resources for educators, students and researchers

Different versions of DesignStart for University are available, enabling universities, educators, students and researchers to choose the most suitable option for them.


DesignStart Eval 

DesignStart SoC Design Education Kit

DesignStart Pro Academic

SoC Design and Protoyping Research Enablement Kit

DesignStart FPGA on Cloud

Suitable for Teaching and research         Teaching Arm-based SoC design  Advanced research with design and production rights (up to 1,000 chips for internal use)
Research into custom IP
Software development and SoC prototyping
Available to  University educators   University educators and researchers   Educators, researchers and students 
Academics and researchers All

Access to end-user license agreement

Access to end-user license agreement Access to end-user license agreement Access to end-user license agreement Access to end-user license agreement
Access Instant access 
Register using university email address 
Register using university email address
Instant access Instant access via AWS
Technology Package

Full subsystem RTL and fixed-configuration, synthesizable CPU RTL  

A complete 10-14 week course package (includes lecture slides, lab manuals, and project code with solutions)            Access to the full RTL for the Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 CPU's and their systems, with design and production rights for your research projects. Full subsystem and CPU RTL
Instructional whitepaper, code and DesignStart Eval  Software prototyping platform for Cortex-M33, a cutting-edge Arm-v8 architecture CPU
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Arm also offers access to a wide range of other Arm technologies for research and academic use.
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"Using the Cortex-M0 DesignStart in our studies has led to industry interest in our research results."

- Professor Andrew Kahng, University of California San Diego (UCSD) 

"DesignStart enables educators to make the giant leap from incomplete, simple educational examples to real-world, industry-leading IP technology as the foundation of our future education."

- Dr Matthew Swabey, Director of the Bechtel Innovation Design Center, Purdue University