Helping Academic and Industry Partners Achieve Research Success

We collaborate closely with product development teams and a large network of external researchers across both industry and academia. With a diverse set of skills distributed across the globe, our researchers support leading-edge innovation in a broad range of areas.

We aim to further enhance computing research by enabling researchers worldwide to easily access Arm and partner-based technologies and services and use them to increase their research impact.

Research Collaboration

We work closely with partners to help drive research success across academia and industry, collaborating on projects, providing access to tools, and supporting ecosystem development.

Research Enablement 

Whatever your research goals, we will strive to support you with quick and easy access to a wide range of IP, services and tools from across the Arm ecosystem.

Contact us

Would you like to work with us, discuss getting access to IP for research, or have an idea you would like to share? Our team would love to hear from you!