Embedded Linux Online Course

Linux-based embedded systems are widely used in smartphones, in-vehicle infotainment systems, in countless consumer electronics and for numerous industrial applications. As a result, the demand for qualified embedded system engineers with the requisite experience in Linux is on the rise. This online Embedded Linux course teaches how to configure the Linux kernel and develop custom peripheral drivers. Learners gain an understanding of the Linux architecture and acquire the practical skills involved in building an embedded Linux system, as well as debugging and profiling application performance.


Course Aim

To learn how to develop Linux on embedded systems using low-cost, yet powerful Arm-based platforms, including custom peripheral development for various applications with standard industrial software tools.


Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of

  • Embedded Linux operating system architecture
  • Linux-based embedded system component stack
  • Linux kernel modules
  • System configuration and boot process
  • Communication between kernel space and user space
  • System debugging and profiling



  • Ability to select software tools for the development of an embedded Linux system
  • Ability to evaluate implementation results (e.g. speed, cost, power) and correlate them to the appropriate system



  • Ability to use industry standard tools to configure and build an embedded Linux system stack
  • Ability to develop kernel modules for customer peripherals (such as sensors)
  • Ability to debug and profile embedded Linux systems using standard industry software tools



  1. Introduction to Linux and Embedded Systems
  2. Linux-based Embedded System Component Stack
  3. Anatomy of a Linux-based System
  4. Configuration and Build Process
  5. Linux Kernel Modules
  6. Communication Between Kernel and User Space
  7. Application Demo: Building a Ranging Sensor Kernel Module
  8. System Debugging and Profiling

The above syllabus is indicative. It might change from time to time.



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