Technology Leaders for the Arm Developer Program

Arm Ambassadors are a group of experts and community leaders developing on Arm, who support and lead the Arm Developer Program through a host of Arm-endorsed activities. If you’re interested in finding out more about ambassadorship, read on. If you think you’d be better suited to join the program as a member or if you’d simply like to find out more about the Arm Developer Program, visit our web page.

Your Benefits

We support you, our Arm Ambassadors, by offering a selection of benefits that help you continue your excellent work and become even better technology leaders.



  • Network and collaborate with Arm engineers, other Ambassadors, and program members.
  • Co-market with Arm.
  • Mentor or be mentored.
  • Publish a professional reference book with one of Arm’s reputable publishing partners, offering extensive experience in curating and distributing technical content.
Support and Training

Support and Training

  • Receive support for running your own workshops, local meetups, attending industry events for Arm, or running other initiatives.
  • Receive training from Arm for hosting events, public speaking and presenting, creating content, or mentoring others.

Special Access

  • Participate in exclusive Developer Program meetups, workshops, and Arm events with Arm Experts, fellow Ambassadors, program members
  • Receive Arm swag, discount codes for Arm-sponsored events, and access to select Arm products.
  • Get special access to Arm Innovation Coffee and other Arm platforms to share information.


As an Arm Ambassador, we ask that you use your knowledge, expertise, and experience to share information, help others in the program, and provide useful feedback to help us shape the Arm Developer Program.


  • Answer questions and share resources on Discord or other channels, and within your own technical communities.
  • Join weekly office hours on Discord and networking events run by Arm.
  • Mentor and support others in the community, if/when applicable.


  • Represent Arm at industry events.
  • Promote Arm-based projects and technologies globally through sharing on social channels, creating content, teaching, and/or speaking at events.


  • Share the Arm Developer Program with professional networks and help to recruit high-quality members and ambassadors.
  • Share constructive feedback with Arm to help shape and influence the direction of the program.

Applications Closed

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Arm Ambassador. The current application cycle has ended. However, you can still join the Arm Developer Program as a member to access program resources and stay informed about future opportunities.

Application Dates and Process

If you missed the application deadline, don't worry. Arm Ambassador applications reopen in a few months, giving you another chance to apply.


If you're already a member of the program and wish to become an Arm Ambassador, you can connect with current Arm Ambassadors and the program team on Discord. This gives you time to learn more about the role, while waiting for the next opportunity to apply.


APPLICATIONS OPEN FOR NEW AMBASSADORS 01 November 2023 01 May 2024 01 November 2024
APPLICATIONS CLOSE FOR NEW AMBASSADORS 08 December 2023 10 June 2024 09 December 2024
APPLICANT'S NOTIFIED Early January 2024 Early July 2024 Early January 2025
NEW AMBASSADORS ANNOUNCED AND ONBOARDED Early January 2024 Early July 2024 Early January 2025
NEW AMBASSADOR START DATE 01 January 2024 01 July 2024 01 January 2025
RENEWAL POINT FOR EACH CLASS 01 January 2025 01 July 2025 01 January 2026