High-Integrity, High Accuracy GNSS Positioning

High-precision location is essential for vehicles with autonomous capability and ADAS functionality. The Swift Navigation Starling Positioning Engine natively processes measurements from commercially available Arm-based GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers to provide precision positioning and integrity capabilities.

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Features and Benefits

Highly Accurate

Arm-based GNSS positioning engine that uses a correction network of base stations to improve the measurement accuracy of commercially available GNSS, from 3-5 meters to levels which will enable ADAS and autonomous applications.

Deployable at Scale

Ideal for rapid, high-volume deployment and low total cost of ownership (TCO), with cost-effective scalability to support widespread adoption of ADAS, connected car, C-V2X and autonomous solutions. Scalability of precision GNSS is driven in part by the 3GPP Release 16 and above, and Swift is a participant in the relevant discussions at 3GPP.

High Integrity

Advanced automotive systems demand high-confidence positioning with high-integrity measurements. Swift’s unique solution encompasses end-to-end redundancy and integrity monitoring services. Starling is designed to comply with the automotive safety standard ISO26262 ASIL-B.

Featured Arm Technology

Cortex-A Processor

Arm Cortex-A

Cortex-M Processors

Arm Cortex-M

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Autonomy requires high-accuracy location. Learn how the Starling Positioning Engine can enhance the measurements of your Arm-based GNSS receivers.

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