1. What is Arm Total Access?

Arm Total Access is a licensing model that provides the most comprehensive access to Arm IP products, tools and models, support and training, software, and physical IP in one easy-to-access subscription. It’s ideal for organizations building complex systems that require multiple Arm products, including the latest Arm Cortex and Arm Neoverse CPUs, Arm Mali GPUs, and Arm CoreLink System IP.

Subscribers to Arm Total Access enjoy the benefits of a single subscription to a wide range of the latest technology and services.

2. Who is Arm Total Access for?

For companies that require access to some of the most advanced Arm technology and need multiple Arm products for building complex systems, Arm Total Access is the right choice. It is ideal for companies looking to minimize commercial negotiations while enjoying the flexibility to leverage various technologies with several projects under development at the same time.

3. What are the key benefits of Arm Total Access?

Arm Total Access is designed to help maximize the success of SoC projects.

  • Accelerate innovation: Start evaluating Arm products faster with prompt access to Arm IP.
  • Flexibility to experiment: Freedom to explore, evaluate, and design with the widest library of Arm IP.
  • Build products faster: Reduce errors and speed up design with our suite of tools and models.
  • Shorten time to market: Training, expert support, and technical documentation are all included to help reduce risk and get to market faster.

4. What Arm products are included?


Arm Total Access has three primary packages of technology and services. These packages are categorized into Low Power Package A, High Efficiency Package B, and High-Performance Package C. Regardless of the package you choose, Arm Total Access provides hardware engineers and software developers with access to Arm IP, tools, models, support, services, software, and unlimited online training. Higher packages include all the lower packages, and a subscriber to Package C also has access to all of Packages B and A.

Get in touch today to discuss which package might be best for your needs.

5. Are Arm Total Access packages updated?

One of the benefits of Arm Total Access is that the packages are updated quarterly, adding new Arm products as they become available. All subscribers get immediate access to new products as they are released.

6. What are the costs for Arm Total Access?

The Arm Total Access subscription fee scales with your consumption of Arm technology. Whether you have one project or many, Arm has a solution that fits your needs. Contact your Arm partner manager to find out more.

7. Are evaluation, design, and manufacturing rights included?

Evaluation, design, and manufacturing rights are included in the standard annual Arm Total Access subscription fee, so there are no additional license fees due at tape out.

8. Can I work with more than one product at a time?

Yes. Arm technology works best with other Arm technology, so we encourage the use of as much as required to help with your project goals. Whether you use one product or many, the subscription fee doesn’t change. Any royalties due benefit from a simplified royalty model that includes automatic discounting the more products you use per chip.

9. Does Arm have training for its products?

Arm Total Access provides access to unlimited on-demand training, with hundreds of modules covering everything from the Arm architecture fundamentals to Arm Cortex processors, and beyond.

10. Are software tools included? What are Arm Hardware and Software Success Kits?

Yes, software tools are included in Arm Success Kits, a fast way to access licensed tools and models for both hardware and software development. These hardware and software success kits offer a new user-based licensing model, where each user has unlimited access to all of the tools included within the success kit. Visit this page to find out more:

11. Is support included with Arm Total Access?

Yes. All Arm Total Access packages include support from our experienced application engineering team, together with service tokens that can be used for design reviews or live training classes.

12. How do I access the IP, tools, or support available with Arm Total Access?

Access to the download portal, known as Arm Product Download Hub (PDH), is made available to the downloader users within your company when you sign up to Arm Total Access. The Arm PDH displays all accessible products for download.

13. How many people in my company can use Arm Total Access?

An Arm Total Access subscription benefits every employee within the subscribing organization with access to on-demand training and Arm IP Explorer.

14. How do I start using Arm Total Access?

Get in touch today to discuss which Arm licensing model is best for you and your company.