Arm Performance Reports Feature
The Perfect Addition to Your HPC Workflow
  • Reveals inefficiency to users, highlighting the slowest applications at a glance
  • System administrators and owners stay one step ahead of the next system upgrade
  • Integrating performance data with best practice
  • A single page report for users and administrators
It makes sense to be as efficient as we can be. Arm Performance Reports were exactly what we wanted – simple and non-intrusive, and quickly identifying problematic applications.
Dr Erwin Laure, Director, PDC Center for High-Performance Computing

What Is Arm Performance Reports

A report measures overall information about the computation, communication and I/O - and provides detail for each of these areas.

  • The time spent in various categories of instruction: memory access, numeric operations, floating point operations
  • I/O - time and the effective performance (transfer rate) of read and write operations to storage
  • Memory - the mean and peak usage of memory per node
  • Communication - MPI time and performance for collective and point-to-point operations
  • Threads - the time spent in computation and synchronization, the physical core utilization and system load
  • GPUs - the utilization and memory use of NVIDIA CUDA GPUs
  • Energy - the energy pack add-on reports energy usage and peak power - for system, CPU and any NVIDIA GPUs

 Metric Analyzed  
 Memory  √
 MPI  √
 Threads  √
 I/O  √
 CPU  √ 
 Accelerators  √
 Custom metrics API  √
 Lustre meta data  √
 CPU hardware counters  √
 Energy performance   √
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  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
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Tullow Oil Case Study
Arm Software Helps Tullow Oil Make Waves in Seismic Processing

Arm Performance Reports helped identify the bugs and bottlenecks that arose in the development and optimization of TORTIA (Tullow Oil Reverse Time Imaging Application). The product of that development delivers high quality images in a fraction of the time.

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Analyze and Optimize HPC Applications on Your Systems

Arm Performance Reports is a non-intrusive tool for High Performance Computing (HPC) and scientific software. It analyzes the applications running on your system to reveal inefficiencies and pinpoint exactly where to focus optimization work.