WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems (WHIS) specialises in the development and supply of mission and safety critical RTOS. SAFERTOS is a pre-certified safety RTOS for embedded processors, delivering superior performance and pre-certified dependability whilst utilizing minimal resources, popular due to its safety credentials as well as the upgrade path from FreeRTOS.

WHIS engineers took the FreeRTOS functional model, exposed it to a full HAZOP, identified all areas of weakness within the functional model and API, mitigated all areas of weakness, and took the resulting requirements set through an IEC 61508 SIL 3 development life cycle, the highest possible for a software only component.

The success of these endeavours can be judged by the fact SAFERTOS was independently certified on the first iteration by TÜV SÜD back in 2007 and is sold globally across a broad range of market sectors and applications.

Solution Briefs

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    SAFERTOS: Safety Critical RTOS

    SAFERTOS is a pre-certified safety Real Time Operating System (RTOS) for embedded processors. It delivers superior performance and pre-certified dependability, whilst utilizing minimal resources.

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