MOVE.B began its journey with a vision deeply rooted in 30 years of training experience. Our mission was clear: to establish a center of excellence dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering professionals. MOVE.B is a leading expertise center in embedded systems, offering a coherent spectrum of services. With unmatched expertise in the ever-evolving field, we provide specialized training courses to engineers and teams, equipping them to tackle complex challenges. Today, MOVE.B is more than a training institution. Beyond training, we serve as strategic partners, offering consulting services that span the entire system design process. Our experts specialize in board schematics review, bare-metal software development, and performance enhancement. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering high-performing solutions. At MOVE.B, we gladly share the experience gained through these consulting services with participants in our training courses.

Solution Briefs

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    MOVE.B, Global Expertise Solutions for Engineers

    From the genesis of MOVE.B, we have harnessed two important fields : processors and connectivity. We cover all Arm® cores and related technologies : Cortex®-A, Cortex®-R, Cortex®-M series, as well as AMBA® buses and CoreSight™ debug technologies.

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