Based on the open-source L4Re technology we are developing and maintaining – a microkernel-based operating-system and hypervisor platform – we engineer customized system solutions with a minimal attack surface, real-time capabilities, and virtualization support. Together with our customers and partners we design and build complex software products for safety-, security-, and mission-critical applications, often requiring certification or accreditation. Our highly experienced operating-system engineers tailor these solutions to the special needs of the automotive, high-assurance-security, and embedded markets. Kernkonzept GmbH is an SME based in Dresden, Germany. We started in 2012 as a spin-off founded by former TU Dresden students and have grown into a renowned specialist for secure and safe virtualization with our L4Re Operating System Framework and Hypervisor.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: L4Re Operating System and Hypervisor Framework
    L4Re Operating System and Hypervisor Framework

    The open-source L4Re OS Framework ensures secure & safe isolation from the lowest software level. Its virtualization & hypervisor features, as well as L4Re applications, provide maximum flexibility while maintaining security & safety isolation.

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  • Safe and Secure Heterogeneous Compute with L4Re Arm Tech Talk
    Safe and Secure Heterogeneous Compute with L4Re

    This Arm Tech Talk discusses how a common software architecture for Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-R processors is the key to flexibly build safe and secure system architectures: the L4Re Hypervisor and L4Re Micro Hypervisor.

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