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Building a safe and secure embedded world - Hitex delivers the required tools, software components as well as development and certification expertise

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About Hitex GmbH

Hitex was founded in 1976 and provides professional tools and components and accelerates embedded projects with services such as engineering, consulting, training, testing and certification management for projects using Arm-based microcontrollers. Hitex assists customers in all steps of their projects, from the idea to the final product: Concept, definition of requirements, detailed design specification, microcontroller selection, HW design, SW development, test services and certification assistance. Comprehensive production services round off the range. Hitex is specialized in safety and security projects and has profound experience in this field, e.g. the development and application of self-test libraries, secure boot and firmware update as well as secure cloud connections. Hitex has developed a variety of software components such as self-test libraries, low-level drivers and MCAL add-ons for different Arm-based microcontroller families.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-A
  • Cortex-M
  • Cortex-R

Partner Type

  • Services Provider
  • Development Tools
  • Design Services
  • Training Services


  • EMEA

Contacts at Hitex GmbH

Hitex GmbH contact: Frank Jankowiak

Frank Jankowiak

Head of Sales

Hitex GmbH contact: Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss

Senior Account Manager

Hitex GmbH contact: Trevor Martin

Trevor Martin

Arm Technical Expert

Hitex GmbH contact: Roland Bickel

Roland Bickel

Head of Marketing