At™, we provide a cloud-native DevOps platform for connected embedded secure devices, accelerating time-to-market and lowering costs for OEMs in any industry. Our FoundriesFactory® product and Linux microPlatform™ combine to provide a standard and comprehensive suite of tools and software, forming a highly secure platform that is open, customizable and fully scalable. The™ team brings together some of the most forward thinking executives and engineers who are recognized leaders in their field, combining decades of experience in secure connected embedded product development, deployment and lifetime maintenance. We aim to achieve cross-industry adoption and enable customer choice through our standardized platform and accessible business model, implementing best industry standards and overcoming the complex challenges of the fragmented embedded software landscape.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Reduce Lifetime Security Complexity for Edge Computing and Smart IoT Devices
    Reduce Lifetime Security Complexity for Edge Computing and Smart IoT Devices

    Bringing embedded devices to market and securing them for their full lifecycle are notoriously complex processes. With increasingly stringent worldwide legislation, getting security wrong has the potential to cost a company everything.

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  • Supports Arm® SystemReady Initiative News Supports Arm® SystemReady Initiative

    Together with Arm and other industry leading partners, Foundries.​io delivers a SystemReady IR version of the secure, OTA-updatable Linux microPlatform distribution for use in IoT and Edge products using Arm based application processors.

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  • FoundriesFactory® Supports Arm’s Project Cassini News
    FoundriesFactory® Supports Arm’s Project Cassini

    This collaboration between FoundriesFactory Edge Platform-as-a-Service and Arm for this project really marked a major milestone in the way we build, test and deploy IoT & Edge devices, and signals to the market where embedded development is headed.

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