Ferrous Systems is the most experienced service, tooling and training provider around the programming language Rust. Starting out in 2018, Ferrous Systems helps companies adopt Rust - through training, help with tooling and additional services. Nowadays, Ferrous Systems is the first choice as partner of companies moving into the Rust field.

Between 2018 and 2021, Ferrous Systems collaborated with Arm in an initiative to bring Arm based Linux to the best level of support for the Rust compiler.

In 2020, Ferrous Systems decided to start investing into its open source tooling arm and is now the maintainer of many crucial tools needed to productively develop Rust, such as development framework Knurling for Arm arm-based micro controllers.

Ferrous Systems exercises the flexibility of the Rust programming language by serving customers is all segments of the IT industry, from cloud providers to users of micro controllers. This work is done with preference on all Arm cores and their IP.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Ferrocene Platform for the Rust Programming Language
    Ferrocene Platform for the Rust Programming Language

    Ferrocene is a qualified rustc toolchain that addresses modern security-
    and safety-related challenges for today’s safety-by-design demands.
    Developed by Ferrous Systems, a technology company leading in all
    things around the Rust programming language

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