Emproof Nyx, prevents reverse engineering, securing your valuable intellectual property and protecting against exploitation attacks.

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Emproof brings state of the art security to embedded systems where overhead constraints traditionally limit advanced security. Emproof prevents reverse engineering and protects against exploitation attacks via an easily implementable solution is available for Arm Cortex-M (ARMv6/7/7E/8-M); Arm Cortex-A (32 bit)(ARMv7-A); Arm Cortex-A (64 bit)(ARMv8-A, AArch64).

Its cutting-edge security features encompass a spectrum from Exploit Mitigation and Anti-Fuzzing to Anti-Debugging, Device Binding, and Obfuscation, ensuring comprehensive protection for embedded devices. Emproof Nyx, which is 3 orders of magnitude smaller than existing solutions requires no access to source code as the transformational software acts like a post compilation step just requiring access to binary code or libraries meaning that it works with any build processes and all existing toolchains.

The functionality of the software from our customers is ensured by certifications such as our ISO 26262 ASIL B certificate.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-A
  • Cortex-M

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Emproof contact: David Rose

David Rose