With Al machine vision algorithm and SoC design as the core capabilities, Eeasy Tech provides AI SoCs for edge and on-device Al scenarios.

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Eeasy Tech is a leading systematic solution provider that focuses on AI machine vision algorithms and SoC design. We are committed to providing AI SoCs, which are embedded with a self-developed neural network processing unit, to bring computing power for edge and on-device Al scenarios. We’ve developed 3 product lines of on-device AI SoCs, including SV-Series, SA-Series, and SH-Series, covering the application fields of smart security, smart automotive, and smart devices. 
Integrated with Arm Cortex-A series CPU and our proprietary IPs, Eeasy Tech delivers superior PPA and offers more cost-effective solutions with lower power consumption and memory efficiency through optimization techniques for AI application scenarios. 
As part of the Arm Smart Vision Partners ecosystem, Eeasy AI SoCs support a rich algorithm ecosystem with its self-developed tool chain, thus helping developers and device manufacturers efficiently develop products and accelerate time to market.

Arm IP

  • Cortex-A

Partner Type

  • Silicon Partner


  • APAC

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EEASYTECH contact: Joan Ye

Joan Ye

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