Edge Impulse technology empowers developers to bring more AI products to market faster, and helps enterprise teams rapidly develop industry-specific solutions in weeks instead of years.

Edge Impulse provides powerful automations and low-code capabilities to make it easier to build valuable datasets and develop advanced AI for edge devices. Used by makers of health-wearable devices like Oura, Know Labs, and NOWATCH, industrial organizations like NASA, as well as top silicon vendors and over 100,000 developers on over 250,000 ML projects, Edge Impulse has become the trusted platform for enterprises and developers alike.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Edge Impulse EON Compiler
    Edge Impulse EON Compiler

    Find out more about Edge Impulse's Edge Optimised Neural (EON) Compiler and to kick your tinyML into overdrive!

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  • Cold Chain Monitoring Case Study
    Cold Chain Monitoring

    Accelerating growth & revenue in cold chain with edge machine learning

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  • Adding AI to Optra Edge Case Study
    Adding AI to Optra Edge

    When Lexmark needed to incorporate machine learning into their new industrial gateways, Edge Impulse was the immediate solution.

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