Dojo Five offers products and services aimed at revolutionizing the embedded firmware development industry. Dojo Five uses Arm solutions in 90% of our embedded development projects. Dojo Five seeks to modernize the firmware development and deployment experiences through innovations in the quality, efficiency, and security of modern embedded firmware.

EmbedOps is an embedded DevOps lifecycle orchestration tool that helps embedded firmware teams tackle the challenges of creating and maintaining consistent build and test environments from code development, all the way to production deployment and sustaining engineering.

With over 335+ years of combined expertise, Dojo Fives helps companies optimize their embedded software development systems by bringing together tools, techniques, technologies, and culture to deliver modern firmware for embedded systems. We give our clients superpowers to accelerate development, effortlessly orchestrate successful projects, and delight their customers.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Dojo Five and Teal Drones: Done Right From the Beginning
    Dojo Five and Teal Drones: Done Right From the Beginning

    Teal Drones had a specific project with well-defined input and output, and identified the Nordic chip as a good choice for the solution. However, the Teal Drones team was completely swamped and had no Nordic experts available for the project.

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