Alango DSP algorithms enhance voice clarity and music experience in TWS earbuds, headphones, speakerphones and conference systems, voice-controlled devices, and automotive Bluetooth systems.

The Alango hearing enhancement software suite, including conversation boost, is designed to transform ordinary headsets into personalizable hearables. These technologies include amplification based on individual self-test and provide clarification of important sounds, slowing down incoming speech to increase comprehension, background noise reduction, the ability to pass through important sounds while listening to streamed audio, and more.

Alango noise suppression technology utilizes classical audio processing algorithmic techniques, multimicrophone beamforming arrays, internal bone-conduction sensor for voice pickup, and neural networks. Alango technologies pass strict performance standards, including ITU, Apple CarPlay, and TEAMS.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: DSP Embedded Processing for All Your Sound
    DSP Embedded Processing for All Your Sound

    Alango offers pre- and post- processing software to augment all sounds: phone calls, hearing enhancement and personalization, and audio enhancement.

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  • Hearables – The Future of Hearing Enhancement Webinar
    Hearables – The Future of Hearing Enhancement

    This presentation by Dr. Alexander Goldin, CEO of Alango Technologies centers on hearables that include hearing enhancement functionality.

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