ACL Digital is a pioneer in design-led Digital Experience, Innovation, Enterprise IT Modernization, and Product Engineering Services. With over 3 decades of hands-on experience in emerging technologies, methodologies, and business processes, ACL Digital caters to a wide range of industries with comprehensive assistance throughout their projects, from design through to implementation. Our team of experienced, professionally trained specialists helps our clients with a personalized, quality service that is unparalleled.

We help our clients design and build innovative products (AI, Cloud, and Mobile ready), content and commerce-driven platforms, and connected, converged digital experiences for the modern world through a design-led Digital Transformation framework. By integrating our strategic design, engineering, and industry capabilities, we help our clients decode the digital world and accelerate their growth journey.

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Arm Core Hardening Overview and Goal for Enhanced Power Performance and Area
    Arm Core Hardening Overview and Goal for Enhanced Power Performance and Area

    SoC designers encounter situations of integrating proprietary logic with crucial components, such as application processors & system interconnect IP blocks. Achieving max. performance without incurring excessive power or area penalties is crucial.

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  • thumbnail: 5G Radio ASICs Powered by Arm CPUs
    5G Radio ASICs Powered by Arm CPUs

    Manufacturers of 5G equipment employ ASICs to manage workloads incorporating complex algorithms. These systems comprise multiple ASICs & typically encompass diverse functions to achieve system-level objectives related to network performance.

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