AWS Graviton and Arm Neoverse Enable the Best Price-performance in Amazon EC2

Based on Arm Neoverse V1, the AWS Graviton3 processor provides up 25% better compute performance, 2x faster cryptographic performance, and up to 3x better performance for ML workloads compared to AWS Graviton2.

Arm and AWS have partnered to enable the best price performance and CPU silicon innovation in the Amazon cloud. The AWS Graviton3 and AWS Graviton3E processors use the Arm Neoverse V1 core. And the AWS Graviton2 processor uses Arm Neoverse N1 cores to deliver its computational horsepower.

Tens of thousands of customers, including 48 of the top 50 Amazon EC2 customers, use AWS Graviton processors for their workloads. Snap, Twitter, Netflix, Epic Games, Splunk, Nielsen, Redbox, Hotelbeds, and others are experiencing the improved performance and cost savings AWS Graviton-based instances using Arm technology can deliver.

Looking to Get Started on Arm?

The AWS Graviton Fast Start program provides step-by-step directions for porting your workloads to Arm in as little as four days.

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The AWS Graviton Advantage

Don MacAskill (SmugMug & Flickr), Liz Fong-Jones ( and Dave Brown (Amazon) share real world experiences about running workloads on AWS Graviton processors based on Arm Neoverse.

Introducing AWS Graviton3

Up to 25% Higher Compute Performance* 

With support for bfloat16, AWS Graviton3 processors deliver up to 3x better performance for ML workloads. Graviton3 is also the first CPU in the cloud to feature the latest DDR5 memory that provides 50% more memory bandwidth than DDR4.

*Compared to AWS Graviton2
Up to 2x Higher Floating-Point Performance

For scientific, machine learning, gaming and media encoding workloads. And up to 2x faster performance for cryptographic workloads than Graviton2.

Powering Amazon EC2 Hpc7g Instances

Now available, the Hpc7g instance family delivers the best price-performance in Amazon EC2 for HPC workloads. Read the AWS Hpc7g blog.

EC2 Instances Powered by AWS Graviton

M7g and M6g
General Purpose (M7g and M6g/M6gd)

Built for general-purpose workloads such as application servers, mid-sized data stores, and microservices, and cluster computing.

Burstable General Purpose (T4g)

(Free Trial) Built for a broad range of burstable general-purpose workloads such as large-scale micro-services, small and medium databases, and virtual desktops.

C7g and C6g
Compute Optimized (C7g/C7gn and C6g/C6gd)

Built for compute-intensive applications such as high-performance computing, video encoding, gaming, and CPU-based machine learning inference acceleration.

C7gn and C6gn
Enhanced Networking (M7g and M6g/M6gd)

C7gn instances use AWS Nitro v5 with EFA for 200Gbps networking support.

R7g and R6g
Memory Optimized (R7g and R6g/R6gd)

Built for general-purpose workloads such as application servers, mid-sized data stores, and microservices, and cluster computing.

AWS Chip X2gd icon
Enhanced Memory (X2gd)

Build for memory-intensive workloads (like R6g), but with the lowest cost per GiB of memory in Amazon EC2.

Im4gn and Is4gen
Storage Optimized (Im4gn and Is4gen)

Best price performance for storage-intensive workloads and lowest cost per TB of SSD storage in Amazon EC2.

G5g icon
GPU Accelerated (G5g)

Best price performance for Android game streaming and ML inference.

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Use Cases for AWS Graviton-based Instances

Based on Arm Neoverse, these are some of the more common developer use cases for AWS Graviton.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Gitlab logo Users scaling up with GitLab and GitLab Runner on Graviton2 can achieve cost gains of 23% and performance gains of 36%.
CircleCI logo Self-hosted runners add Arm support to CircleCI
TravisCI logo Announcing general availability of Graviton2 CPU support for TravisCI





More AWS Graviton-based Products and Services

Managed AWS Services on Graviton2

AWS Graviton-based instances are also available in popular managed AWS services. These services deliver the price performance benefits of AWS Graviton processors while providing a fully managed experience.


AWS Graviton Ready Partners

AWS Graviton Ready Partners offer AWS customers Graviton-enabled software offerings, including operating systems and platform services, security, monitoring and observability, CI/CD, data and analytics, and cloud devices.

AWS Graviton2 now in AWS Outpost

AWS Outpost with AWS Graviton2 is available in a compact 1U form-factor and supports six instance sizes. All Outposts servers incorporate many powerful Nitro features including high speed networking and enhanced security.

Works on Arm

The Works on Arm initiative offers free-of-cost access to platforms and instances across the ecosystem and is a valuable resource for developers innovating on Arm.