Arm’s AI Ecosystem connects you to the right partners, enabling you to build the next generation of AI solutions.

Newest Partners

  • Sensory

    Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies.
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  • Nota AI

    Nota AI™ (Nota Inc.) is a tech startup with a focus on optimizing AI models with our proprietary hardware-aware AI model optimization platform.
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  • Witekio

    Bring your products to life with world-class software.

    Witekio offers on-demand full-stack, edge to cloud embedded development services.
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Discover AI Ecosystem Partners who deliver voice-focused AI solutions. From Key Word Spotting, to Natural Language Processing and Automatic Speech Recognition, we have a range of partners who can support you.



Find out more about which AI Ecosystem Partners can help you deliver your vision-focused AI solutions. From image classification, to object detection and super resolution, we have you covered.



Leverage these AI Ecosystem Partners to help you deliver Vibration-focused AI solutions. Whether this is predictive maintenance or sensor fusion, these specialists are here to help.


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