What Is Medical IoT?

Medical IoT, sometimes called healthcare IoT, refers to a growing number of IoT uses in the medical industry. These generate a wide range of IoT devices and applications specifically designed for healthcare needs and settings, such as sensors and apps for remote healthcare monitoring, telemedicine consultation, and delivery. Medical IoT also draws on AI and machine learning technology to support life-changing improvements to traditional medical devices, such as the smart inhaler for people with asthma.

Why Medical IoT?

Medical IoT can help improve patient outcomes through real-time patient monitoring, advanced diagnostics, robotic surgery, and much more. Medical IoT is also important in the increasingly distributed nature of health and healthcare, removing the need for office visits through telemedicine and related technology advancements. For healthcare providers, medical IoT offers new opportunities to improve patient care and to manage the inherent complexity of the healthcare business, through improved automation, safety, and other technology gains.

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